The origins of the Villa date back to the XVII century, to the time of the first settlement which appears to have been a medieval tumba (farm). In the 1700s, the country house was already a splendid villa and included: a country house, a private oratory dedicated to San Rocco and all of the structures needed for the sulphur mining activities on the plain below. A series of important figures have owned the property over the years and for several years it was the summer residence of the Archbishops of Urbino. At the beginning of the XX century, the mining activities slowly came to a stop with the consequent abandonment of the Villa. Today, following a long and painstaking restoration,the noble building and its park have reacquired their original charm and are ready to welcome new guests with all of the comforts and elegance dictated by the modern canons of hotel hospitality, but without abandoning the traditions of the past. In fact, the villa has maintained its strong historical legacy which guests can see in the stately building and feel in an atmosphere steeped in memories of the past.